Coming up: The Great Return Revival is Coming to Charlestown, Indiana from May31, June 2. It will be occurring at 844 High Street in Charlestown, Indiana.


New Covenant Church of the Apostles exists to proclaim repentance, revival, and reformation. With this we will experience reconciliation with God and be ready for the Return of Jesus Christ as the reigning King.

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New Covenant Church of the Apostles exists to promote:

  • Repentance: Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, urging the lost to repent and the saved to walk in continual repentance.
  • Revival: Prepare the Church to seek God in repentance for the Final Great Awakening and the Return of Jesus Christ,
  • Reformation: Disciple converts and communities in the teachings of Jesus Christ revealed in the whole Bible, equip them for Ministry so that everyone can do what God has called them to do in the Church (five-fold ministry).

Pastors Chris Holman and Dallas Carter were both commissioned independently to start a Church, then brought together by the Lord through a set of fortuitous circumstances.

If you have the Call of God on your life but do not seem to fit in well to conventional Church structures, New Covenant Church of the Apostles might just be the place for you. New Covenant Church of the Apostles uses a “five-fold” model that seeks to equip all saints to do the work of ministry and take their rightful place in both relationship to  God’s and relationship to His people.

New Covenant Church of the Apostles seeks to both present the gospel to as many as possible and disciple them into maturity until we attain the fullness of the mature man in Christ.

We are living in times of great turmoil. We are seeing escalation of wars and civil unrest in almost every country on earth. We are seeing epidemic levels of mental health, physical health, and sociological breakdowns.

This was not God’s intent for humanity. Humanity was created, both collectively and individually – in God’s image. Creation in God’s image means three things: the possibility of communion with God. The foundations for the thriving of the individual, and the parameters for building  civil society

 When humanity sinned we lost communion with God. This left a hole in our inner person that we then fill with other things that are not adequate to fill in for God, whether it be sex, fame, money, power, or politics.

When humanity became separated from God, the image of God in humans became dysfunctional. Man had  no explanation  for who he is or what the universe is without God as the reference-frame. While God’s knowledge  is available to all, it became suppressed wherever the image was corrupted. This led to chaos in the individual heart that was filled with disordered love and disordered freedom.

The disordered love, disordered freedom, and the pursuit to fill the “God shaped hole” has resulted in selfishness, social  chaos, and the trend towards totalitarianism at the social level.


Sin disconnected us from the foundation of God. Humanity, once disconnected from divine foundations, could not reconnect through human effort as everything humans would do would be necessarily based on human effort. Christ came to sacrifice Himself upon the Cross to redeem us and restore us to God, taking the punishment for our sin and making possible restored communion with God as we can be united with Christ in His Cross and Resurrection Through Faith in Christ.

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