The Beginning of God’s Creation
July 9, 2023

The Beginning of God’s Creation

Passage: Luke 3:23-38, Jude 1:14, 1 Peter 3:20, Mat24:38, Luke 17:26-27, Heb_11:7, Rom_5:14, 1Cor 15:22, 1Cor 15:45, 1Tim 2:13-14, Matthew 19:4-6, John 1:1-4, Colossians 1:13-17, Psalms 33:6-9, Genesis 1
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Pastor Dallas Carter will be giving a lesson in Genesis 1, starting a series in Genesis. We will discover how God spoke the universe into existence, that information rather than matter is fundamental, and that this same Word that spoke the universe into existence and maintains it is available to us today.

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